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About Us

Our target is to open hundreds of stores all around the US!

In the past 10 years, the tobacco and smoke industry has changed drastically. Most of the traditional retail business models have failed to adopt these changes, store owners and tobacco companies have been complaining about how tobacco sales have gone down. It is true that tobacco sales continue to go down but this doesn’t mean smokers have completely stopped smoking. Today’s new generation smokers are into vape, electronic cigarettes, flavored hookah tobacco and other tobacco and non-tobacco products. But on the other hand traditional tobacco and cigar smokers will always be loyal to their brands. However, they are also open to try the new taste of tobacco products. We have created a business model that satisfies all varieties of smokers. This gives a chance for a business owner to catch onto new trends, compete in the changing industry, grow your business and serve your customers to high standards.


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